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The Senaptec strobe is an excellent training tool that uses liquid crystal technology to block visual information. It is an adaptable training experience that can be incorporated into existing training exercises. The bright light and flashing colors of the strobe will help develop the user's ideas and increase their overall performance. The strobe is ideal for a variety of applications and comes with eight levels of flicker.

Personalized training plan for senaptec strobe

Whether you are looking to improve your golf swing or develop more advanced athletic skills, the Personalized Training Plan for Senaptec strobe is the way to go. This new technology allows you to create a customized training plan by selecting different training modules and other sensory tools. These results are stored in a secure database for access by all training devices. You can see and track your progress at a glance. The software will adjust training modules to match your progress and your own personal goals. You can continue to improve your game and reach your goals without interruption because the system is built around continuous improvement.

Using the Personalized Training Plan for Senaptec strobe can help you achieve your goals while increasing the speed at which you process information. The technology allows athletes to make faster decisions under pressure and process information faster. Typically, athletes see improvements within 15 minutes of starting a training session. The training modules can be integrated into your existing exercises or drills. You can even integrate the Senaptec strobe into your existing training routine.

8 levels of flicker

The Senaptec Strobe is eyewear that induces sensory re-weighting by limiting peripheral vision, forcing the wearer to rely more on somatosensory information for postural control. Each lens flickers from clear to opaque. The eyewear comes with an easy-to-use two-button system for adjusting the intensity and difficulty of the flickering. The Senaptec Strobe is available for purchase on Google Play and iTunes.

The Senaptec strobe has eight levels of flicker, with the center intersection of the occlusion patterns lining up with the pupil at primary gaze. The opacity of each segment is adjustable individually and can be customized to the desired patterns. Customizing occlusion patterns allows the practitioner to target specific visual pathways and activate specific parts of the visual cortex. A patient with hemianopia, for example, would use either the medial or lateral side of the occlusion, which enables the practitioner to select which visual pathways the patient needs to utilize to focus.

Adaptable experience

The Senaptec strobe adaptable experience was developed in conjunction with Simplexity, a research company specializing in artificial intelligence. The company specializes in developing technology that trains the brain and sharpens mental skills. The company's products are intended to be integrated into a training regime, alongside standard drill practice, and add fresh elements to the training process. Here are some examples of the ways it can be used in sports training.


For athletes looking to improve visual cognition, wearing a pair of strobe glasses can be a great way to get the job done faster. Athletes with poor visual cognition will often have trouble responding to fast-paced situations, so Senaptec developed a new device to combat these problems. The new product includes colored legs called HECOstix. Players call a color or hand combination, and a receiver has to process the information in order to catch the corresponding HECOstix.

The Senaptec Strobe is designed to improve eye/hand coordination and improve reaction time. It works by training the brain's connections with motor skills. The company uses liquid crystal technology to create the lenses, which flicker between clear and opaque depending on a preset setting. By removing visual information, it forces the individual to focus on the task at hand. This technology is easily integrated into existing training exercises to enhance the benefits of each.